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When I asked what is up with the lip gloss, Jherrad looks at Aiden even though I was talking to him. I told him that I was talking to him and he looked shocked and assured me that he wasn't wearing any. Aiden tells us that he is tired of men, so this might be your chance to hook up with this cute twink. Aiden and Jherrad got right to it and almost had an accident in the beginning falling on each other, and of course Jherrad reminds me that his pins in his legs haven't been insured. I'd love to find out more about those pins, but they are deep into kissing and I won't stop to ask him about it now.... CLICK HERE to watch the FULL video.

It was pastel day at Ass Lick Boys. I have Dante and Hunter on the set and these two twinks are so cute and really horny today. Dante just moved back from Salt Lake City, and he states it is horrible out there. I reminded him to stick to the boys here in town. There are tons of sexy guys hanging out here. When I asked Dante about himself, he gave us way too much info. I didn't even find out if he was top or bottom until I just came out and asked him. It seems he is a versatile guy and since he couldn't' keep his hands off Hunter I just let him have his sexy little treat. It didn't take these cute twinks long to be naked as... CLICK HERE to watch the FULL video.

This week we have two cuties with us. You should recognize Jarrett and Logan as they both have been involved in some ass licking action here before. Logan states he loves what he does and even though he is tired he is here and ready to rock and roll on some ass licking. Logan is straight, but he loves coming in and shooting with us. Jarrett however, loves to fuck my boyfriends he is such a bitch. Jarrett admits that his tongue lashing is different per asses versus pussies. After Logan's pussy licking explanation Jarrett is bout to pee his pants laughing. Now I want to see Logan motor boat that... CLICK HERE to watch the FULL video.

Brandon Chase is always a trip to have in the apartment. He has had a rough time of late and has even moved. I couldn't believe that he told us where he moved to along with his my space url. He is a trip isn't he? Park as usual is crazy and tells me again how he wants to marry me and raise my children. LOL Park has lost some weight and Brandon is still in twinkyville keeping his cute physical shape. As I'm chatting away Brandon tells me fuck off I'm not in the mood, I wanna just get it over with. Brandon takes his shirt off and it is amazing he has a small six pack and he doesn't even go to the gym... CLICK HERE to watch the FULL video.

Today we have Spencer and Tyler with us at Ass Lick Boys. I asked Tyler if he was tired and he said yes, because they had a wild night. Tyler states it was random, but Spencer rolls his eyes. They decided to have dinner at 4am at the sushi place. Then after the late night dinner they did a show stopper out in the street. Spencer is dancing in the road and his tranny friend stops by as well to dance as well and she does the splits in the middle of the street. The cops stop by and tell them to go home or get arrested and they all scatter to the winds and seem to have met up again in the elevator... CLICK HERE to watch the FULL video.

I had dinner with these hunky guys the night before, and man o man did we have a wild time. Robbie is the softer of the two and speaks more than dark brooding Tristan. Tristan reminds me of a war aged veteran from Bosnia. Don't ask me why, but he does, and that is hotter than hot and way erotic. I couldn't' wait to get them in the studio to shoot, but anyway! We decided to eat at the TGIF "Thank God it's Friday" restaurant. It was a fun time, but we had some issues. Tristan wanted to get shots, but the waiter told him that he couldn't because it was against the health boards ruling. That put a damper on... CLICK HERE to watch the FULL video.

I played the quiet game with these guys. I wanted to see how long they'd sit there not saying anything. They finally started giggling and talking with me. They both have on jeans, red t-shirts and are barefoot. They look like matching twinky twins in their dressing styles. Jesse mentions that he does have a twin brother. They are dressed the same t-shirt, jeans and barefoot. Jesse is six foot 2 and Jordan is six foot three. I asked the guys if they were having a great day and of course Jesse tells me he isn't looking forward to his flight home. It is a six hour flight in couch. I told him with all his money he should grab... CLICK HERE to watch the FULL video.

Jayden and I were chatting hard today before we got to the fucking part of the shoot. He loves to talk and he always has something new and wild to share. He wants to change his hair color to blonde again I heartily disagreed. He looks great as a brunette esp with those great teeth of his! Once again he comes to the shoot looking different. He is so orange, I have no idea what he did, but he looks like an oompha loompa. We even tried adding some makeup, but he still glows orange. I bet if I turned off the lights he would glow! I asked him to talk about chocolate while he licks some ass and he made a... CLICK HERE to watch the FULL video.

Today I had in some older guys to play with. I had Enrique and Robert in to shoot. These guys were down with my corny jokes and we had a blast with sharing sexual innuendos prior to the actual fucking and ass licking. We even told each other some great sex tales about our kinkiest sex events and how they love to get fucked. It seems that our hunky Cuban buddy Enrique had been banging a cop for awhile. Talk about jaw dropping that was pretty wild. When we got to talking about how they love to get fucked, Enrique admits he is a germ-a-phobic and won't lick ass. He also states that he likes to save a little... CLICK HERE to watch the FULL video.

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